Optimal release of smolt gives increased performance and profitability. SmoltTimer provides control of the smoltification process and displays the ideal time for release into the sea. After the first test sample, each smolt group is given a prognosis of their expected development and, using a large historic experience database, deviations in production can be detected and remedies implemented.

In the 1970s, smolt were released with an average size of about 30 grams. Today, the average size is 100 grams. At the same time, the fish groups have grown bigger - much bigger - and thus also their economic value. Smoltifcation is more important than ever before.

SmoltTimer measures the fish’s smoltification status using genetic analyses of gill tissue. Experience data from more than 700 smolt groups show that SmoltTimer provides more reliable measurements than other smolt analyses, and fish groups that are released at the correct SmoltTimer values have better RGI and lower mortality.

Here you can download the morphology form and the sampling guide.

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