PatoSafe Seawater

PatoSafe Seawater enables proactive efforts for fish health.

PatoSafe Seawater provides knowledge on the fish infection status and enables scope for action.

If infection is detected, PatoSafe Seawater facilitates decision-making on measures that can be implemented to reduce spread of infection, better fish welfare and avoid/minimize losses due to disease.

For example, PatoSafe Seawater optimises the time point for harvest and contributes to correct prioritisation. PatoGen has bio-economic models that provide a good basis for making a decision on whether harvesting is profitable at cage or site level. 

Profits in the seawater fish sector also depend on long-term fish health investments in other areas of production. Read more about PatoSafe Freshwater and PatoSafe Broodstock.

Most relevant assays: AGD, PDV, PRV, Branchiomonas

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