PatoSafe Cleaner Fish

Control of infection status is extremely important to promote good health and welfare in cleaner fish.

Knowledge on cleaner fish and infectious diseases is still limited. Cleaner fish can be carriers or reservoirs of viruses, disease-causing microbes and parasites. Some pathogens can trigger disease in cleaner fish themselves, others can be transferred to the salmon. The pathogens can also be transferred the other way, from salmon to cleaner fish.

PatoGen has established a surveillance program for broodstock, as well as for farmed and wild cleaner fish. It is important to have good control of the cleaner fish supplied to the fish farm facilities, so that infected fish are not brought in or released which would otherwise pose a challenge to the production of cleaner fish and salmon.

PatoGen has developed several analyses specifically for cleaner fish. We are constantly striving to acquire new knowledge and to develop analyses and services to meet our customers' desires and needs. 

Most relevant analyses: Atypical furunculosis in lumpfish, Nucleospora cyclopteri in lumpfish, Pasteurella sp. in lumpfish.

Please contact us to tailor PatoSafe for your cleaner fish