PatoSafe Broodstock

PatoSafe Broodstock ensures an infection-free origin and the best starting point for healthy fish.

Infection-free origin provide the best starting point for healthy fish, but it is not possible to analyse all potential infections; this would be too time-consuming and cost-intensive. For many years, PatoGen has worked to determine which pathogens has the highest risk of transfer from parent fish to offspring and whether eradication has a good cost/benefit ratio. PatoGen is therefore a good partner for tailoring systematic programs to monitor broodstock.

The more history and the more systematic the screening of broodstock, the better the results over time. Broodstock screening generates a large amount of data, which can be challenging to process. Patolink is therefore an invaluable tool in this work.

Profits in the broodstock sector also depend on long-term fish health investments in other parts of production. Read more about PatoSafe Freshwater and PatoSafe Seawater.

Most relevant assays: IPNV, PRV, ISAV, BKD

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