Histology is a central diagnostic tool in the aquaculture industry and PatoGen now has the pleasure to offer this service to our customers. PatoGen works to secure good fish health primary through preventive health work, but also by clarifying cause of mortality in the production of salmon, trout and cleaner fish.

We wish to strengthen our offer as the market leading provider of PCR analyses and consulting and offer histology after encouragement from our customers. 

Our histology service is developed in close dialouge with customers and our goal is to simplify their everyday life. We want to lift histology as a tool for the industry and deliver good quality and service.

Our histopathologists

Even Thoen and Stefanie Wüstner are our histopathologists and will perform reading of the samples at our office in Oslo. With long experience on diagnostics on fish from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Even and Stefanie will be a great contribution to the fish health team in PatoGen. 

We have a solid team of histopathologists consisting of a mix of experienced and newly educated veterinarians with specialization and/or further education on fish, fish diseases or aqua culture. The histopathologists use their extensive expertise to diagnose the digital incisions. 

Handling of samples

The histology samples will be sent in together with PCR samples to our laboratories in Ålesund and Bodø. Further the samples will be sent to Fürst in Oslo where they are prepped and digitalised. In the end they are processed by our histopathologists which then can make a total assessment of both PCR and histology.

Response time

We will normally deliver the histology results within 5 working days after the samples have arrived at the laboratories in Ålesund or Bodø. Urgent deliveries can be arranged when needed.

Strategic alliance with VeHiCe

VeHiCe Sp.A. (Veterinarian Histopathology Center) is a Chilean company specializing in histology services in Chile and other markets. VeHiCe has introduced several new products based on histology in the past few years and have earned the reputation as an innovator in the use of histology in the aquaculture industry.

VeHiCe and PatoGen has entered into a strategic alliance with the purpose of offering even better products and services to the global aquaculture industry. 

Contact PatoGen if you have any questions about the histology service.