There has been a high demand after bacteriological analysis in our services, and from february 2021 we now offer this to our customers.

Bacteriology is an important part of the diagnostics of salmon and cleaner fish. Both wounds and various systemic bacterial diseases can be examined with bacteriological analysis, for example pasteurellosis, typical and atyoical furunculosis, mortiella, tenacibaculum and yerisinosis. 

In addition to bacteriological analysis, you can get a complete package with PCR, histology and bacteriology in the same assessment and report. 

Handling of samples

The bacteriology samples can be sent to our laboratories in Ålesund or Bodø. From there, the samples will be sent to the Veterinary Institute in Bergen that will perform the analyses. The report will be published in our customer portal Patolink. 

Response time

The delivery time for bacteriology is not determined, as this depends on how long the bacterial growth takes. 

Download the sampling guide and requisition form for bacteriology here. 

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information on our bacteriology service.