Solid team of histopathologists

In the fall of 2019 PatoGen launched histology as a new service following a high demand from customers. Now the capacity is increasing, we have hired histopathologist number four and a new innovative report format has been implemented to simplify our customers everyday life. The feedback on the service has been positive.

Recently Alf Seljenes Dalum started as histopathologist number four at PatoGen, and since January this year Helle Jodaa Holm has been a part of our histology team. Together with Even Thoen and Stefanie Wüstner, that both came from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute in 2019, they will serve the aquaculture industry from PatoGen’s Oslo office.

Histopatologene til PatoGen.jpg

Alf Seljenes Dalum is educated veterinarian from the Norwegian Veterinary School and completed his Ph.D. at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) in 2017. He has since been working as a scientist and histopathologist. Before starting on his Ph.D., Alf worked as a fish health veterinarian.

Helle Jodaa Holm is educated veterinarian and completed her Ph.D. from NMBU in 2016. She has since been working as a veterinarian, scientist and histopathologist.

Even Thoen is educated veterinarian from the Norwegian Veterinary School in Oslo. He has 20 years of experience with fish health work in research and diagnostics at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute in Oslo, among others.

Stefanie Wüstner is educated veterinarian from the Ludwig-Maximillians University in München and has since 2016 worked as a scientist/veterinarian at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute in Harstad.  

New data-based format

PatoGen’s histology service has been developed in close dialogue with our customers and our goal has been to simplify their everyday life.

-In proper PatoGen spirit we have been thinking new, and I believe that the service we are now delivering brings histology as a tool a great deal further in increasing the value of use. We have launched the service in a new format and have focused on simplifying without reducing the quality. The most visible result is that the report format from PatoGen is completely different from other suppliers. So far, we have gotten positive feedback that it is easier to get a quick overview over the most important results, in addition to the background information being easy and neatly summed up. I am getting the impression that we have hit the bullseye with our new service, says Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Ove Gjelstenli.

Continued focus on working preventive

Since PatoGen was established in 2005, the focus of the company has been on preventing infection and thereby reducing the risk of disease. When we now are introducing histology and thereby diagnostics as a service, this entails a new business area where the focus is to contribute to better understand disease.

-PatoGen will still have a strong focus on preventing infection with the goal of reducing disease. However, there is a clear need for better services to understand the challenges with disease in the industry, and often the work with preventing starts after a problem has occurred. We see it as a natural part of our activities that we now also offer diagnostics so that our customers get a more complete offer, says Chief Business Development Officer Vidar Aspehaug.

If you are interested in knowing more about our new histology and diagnostics service, you can contact our Key Account Managers or Senior Fish Health Specialist Morten Lund.