PatoGen launches PatoSafe Disease Clarification

PatoSafe Disease Clarification is a tool for quickly clarifying the causes and mortality in production of fish in freshwater and seawater.

Unclear results when determining the cause of death are often due to uncertainty about which pathogen to test for. PatoSafe Disease Clarification offers a risk-based choice of analyses, and can quickly clarify which pathogen could be the cause of death. Using this information, you can rapidly implement the correct actions.

PatoSafe Disease Clarification requires samples from only 5 dead fish. These are always haste analyses, and our key account managers provide active follow-up to assist in planning further actions

More complex disease picture

The disease picture in Norwegian aquaculture has become more complex over the years - the number of diseases occurring at the same time has increased due to:

  • Improved analyses, knowledge and understanding
  • Handling
  • Introduction of new infections – more pathogens

PatoSafe Disease Clarification is a tool that quantifies differences in the amount of pathogens in the most relevant organs in clinically sick fish.  We can more clearly see and recognize profiles for complex disease combinations and, together with the morphology and histology of the diseases, we can go into more detail to arrive at a "conclusion" .

Contact us to discuss how PatoSafe Disease Clarification can help to determine the causes of deaths in your production.