PatoGen launches analysis for non-virulent ISAV-HPR0

PatoGen is now offering an analysis for non-virulent ISAV-HPR0 on gills.

ISAV-HPR0 infects the epithelial cells of the gills and does not cause disease. Samples for ISAV-HPR0 testing can be taken from moribund or clinically healthy fish. PatoGen believes that it is important to get an overview of the prevalence of ISAV-HPR0 since high infection pressure of ISAV-HPR0 is considered to be a risk factor for ISA at sea. Detection of ISAV-HPR0 could also be used in infection tracking with the help of sequencing and phylogenetic analysis that PatoGen perform.

You can talk to one of our key account managers for more information and the use of the analysis.

The PCR test for non-virulent ISAV-HPR0 can be ordered trough Patolink, the requisition form or by directly contacting on of our key account managers.