Normal operations in PatoGen’s laboratories

Because of the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19, PatoGen has implemented measures to secure normal operations at our laboratories.

Preventative measures against infection

Since Tuesday March 10th a large part of PatoGen’s employees have been working from home, there are also no travels or physical meetings being conducted. For the employees that are working in the laboratories in Aalesund and Bodoe, strict measures are implemented to prevent infection. We have divided the employees into two teams, where one of the teams are working from home at all times. In this way, we can secure production in case somebody get affected by disease or quarantine. 

Necessary storage of consumables secured

Since 2017, PatoGen has run all fish samples on a self-developed platform. On this platform we use components and reagents from suppliers other than those normally used in hospitals. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 we started to increase our inventory, and we now have all necessary goods in stock for normal operation for a minimum of 3 months.

Since fish diseases are not defined as infection group 2 or 3, and thereby not dangerous to those who work in the laboratory, we are not dependent on special protection equipment which at the moment is scarce in Norway.

Histology service with good capacity

Our partner Fürst Medical Laboratory in Oslo has assured us that there are no shortages of reagents or capacity for the technical manufacturing. Our histopathologists, that evaluates the digital cuts from the histology samples, are working from home. This ensures deliveries at all times. 

The packages are getting here

Subject to the situation changing rapidly, both Posten/BRING, Royal mail, DHL and Jet-Pack are optimistic that they will deliver packages. Posten/BRING will move packages over to cars of the flight offer isn’t sufficient in the coming time. 

We at PatoGen are available for all clients that wants consulting, training or analysis services within fish health.