Fürst Medical Laboratory has acquired PatoGen

Proud new owner of 100% of the shares will continue to develop PatoGen as the leading provider of preventive and diagnostic analysis to the growing aquaculture industry.

With experience for the past 70 years focusing on superior service and high quality in human health diagnostics, Fürst is a market leader and among the largest medical laboratory service providers in Northern Europe.    

CEO in Fürst Håvard Selby Ebbestad states: «Fürst has a long lasting and solid experience running effective laboratories and diagnostics. Becoming owners of PatoGen, we also get exposure to preventive and diagnostic analyses in fish. This is an attractive market for us, and we are confident we can make a valuable contribution to the aquaculture companies to improve their fish health and fish welfare.”    

The new ownership will enforce and develop PatoGen in areas like quality, capacity, technology, and competence in fish health. When fish farmers are going to select their provider of preventive and diagnostic analysis, it is a clear ambition for PatoGen to be the obvious choice.   

With Fürst as owner, PatoGen will continue to be an independent diagnostic company not offering accessory products to the aquaculture companies.

Facts about PatoGen:

  • PatoGen is the leading provider of preventive and diagnostic fish health analyses for use in aquaculture in Norway and Scotland
  • The company have operational units in Ålesund (N), Oslo (N), Bodø (N) and Oban (UK)
  • PatoGen was established in 2005 and have close to 60 employees. In 2020 total sales was close to 100 mNOK         

 Facts about Fürst:

  • Fürst is the largest medical laboratory in Norway, located in Oslo. The comprehensive diagnostic laboratory services include medical biochemistry, clinical pharmacology, microbiology, and pathology. Key users of the services are medical doctors and specialists throughout Norway.
  • The laboratory was established in 1950 in Oslo by Valentin Fürst.  Today, Fürst is owned 60% by Laho AS and 40% by Ferd AS.
  • Excellent service and quality using modern laboratory diagnostics are core values in Fürst. In 1995 Fürst was the first medical laboratory in Norway to receive official accreditation. Fürst conducts research together with university hospitals.
  • The company has close to 450 employees and had total sales of 815 mNOK in 2019