General terms of delivery


PatoGens requisition form or online booking in the internet portal Patolink®, is regarded as a binding agreement document between PatoGen and the Client. 


Invoicing for conducted analyses, sampling equipment and additional tasks takes place according to the current price list. Prices and quotations are given in NOK excluding VAT and can be obtained by contacting PatoGen. Subject to printing errors, and changes in the range of analyses.

Unless agreed otherwise in particular, the price quoted assumes that the samples are sent/delivered directly to the laboratory and that the laboratory's specified methods are used. Analysis tasks or other tasks that entail additional work may incur a surcharge based on the time spent or incurred costs. This could be storage or forwarding of materials, additional analyses on older samples, preparation of special reports etc.

Postage for shipping of sample collection equipment is charged to the Client. On assignments with fewer than 10 analyses, a small-order-fee applies.

Inquiry for haste analyses is indicated on requisition form or in the internet portal Patolink®. For PCR analyses: Haste 1 (1 business day) must be agreed in advance and incur a 100% surcharge. Haste 2 (2 business days) is preferred to be agreed in advance and incur a 50% surcharge.

For histology: Haste response must be agreed in advance by 12:00 the day before sample delivery. Haste 1 (2 business days) incur a 200% surcharge. Haste 2 (3 business days) incur a 100% surcharge.

PatoGen reserves the right to initiate a new analysis with relevant methodology to confirm/debunk the result if there are findings that causes suspicion of serious/notifiable diseases. Additional analyses like this, included analyses that are performed to characterise genotypes of SAV or ISAV, analyses performed to distinguish between positive test results as a result of vaccine detection and actual virus detection, and reanalysis of samples required by the Client, are charged in line with other analyses. Additional analyses may affect delivery time and lead to delays.

The terms of payment are net 14 days from issued invoice. If payment is overdue, penalty interest is charged in pursuance of the Norwegian Interest on Overdue Payment Act.


PatoGen is a test laboratory accredited by Norwegian Accreditation with registration number TEST 235. PatoGen’s selection of analyses, accredited analyses and validated area of use are listed under OUR SERVICES / ANALYSES on On request PatoGen can offer other analyses not specified in the list of products.

The main focus of PatoGen’s diagnostic services is to clarify disease or cause of mortality in each individual that are examined. PatoGen’s histopathologists will therefore always have access to all relevant information related to the relevant submission that PatoGen has access to.


PatoGen reserves the right to use subcontractors. Analyses performed by subcontractors will be clearly marked so that it appears who has performed the analyses. PatoGen uses Fürst Medical Laboratory as a subcontractor to prepare fixed tissue and to process it to a histological slide and the Veterinary Institute as subcontractor for bacteriological analyses.


PatoGen's delivery times depend on the nature and extent of the analysis. Under standard conditions, analysis results can normally be expected within 5 working days from sample receipt. Delivery time is calculated from the day Patogen receives the samples, and when the samples are received before 12.00, this day is included in the delivery time. Haste analyses can be agreed and are given priority.


PatoGen treats all information on the Client (name, type of task and results) in strict confidence unless agreed otherwise in writing. However, this does not include diseases that, by law, must be reported to the relevant public authority. PatoGen refers to the always current regulations from the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries.


PatoGen disclaims liability for any decision that may be a consequence of analysis results. PatoGen is only ever liable for defects or deficiencies in analyses if the company has displayed negligence. Any claim for damages that may proceed from such liability is limited to repayment of any fee paid for the series of analyses in question.

Notices of nonconformity must be submitted in writing without undue delay after the matter on which the notice of nonconformity is based has come to the attention of the client. Any disputes in connection with the performance of the analysis task and the construction of agreements and general terms must be heard under Norwegian law with Sunnmøre tingrett (district court) as the agreed venue.

In the event of force majeure, strike or other circumstances beyond PatoGen's control, the laboratory is free of any liability for non-delivery. PatoGen must inform the client of any such circumstances as soon as possible.