Good experiences using SmoltTimer

The fish in freshwater facilities at Marine Harvest Norway AS, Western region, have been involved in testing the SmoltTimer from the beginning, and it is now used actively throughout the entire smoltification process.

Article from Pathos #1-2013

- Marine Harvest Norway AS, like other stakeholders, needed documentation that the fish was ready for release into the sea in accordance with the plans and management principles that apply at our facilities. Methods for measuring smolt status are many and the field varies; however, precise and comparable analyses results are critical.

John-Ivar Sætre - Regional Manager, Freshwater, Western region
Marine Harvest Norway AS

There are many conditions that can affect smoltification. It is therefore important to have a tool for acting proactively during the production cycle, and which generates a certificate and a report clearly indicating the smolt status during production and at release. Our experience with SmoltTimer, after having tested and used it over the last few years, is that we appear to have a more concise route to an optimal smolt value. Of course, surprises during production are unpleasant, but it has become easier to understand and document surprising results as we have become more familiar with the analysis method and its application.

- For us, SmoltTimer is the best tool for predicting the release time for smolt. The analysis encourages us to be proactive and react if it does not follow the smolt prognosis and the facility’s production plan. SmoltTimer, together with a well-organized production schedule for light, temperature, use of seawater and good sorting, have been the success factors for us.

Knut Hofseth - Former Manager Department Flø 
Marine Harvest Norway AS

Development of analysis results, smolt prognosis and morphology status make the SmoltTimer report a good tool with information on each batch that is released to the sea. With a known and set target, the results are comparable for all releases from year to year. SmoltTimer is an important tool for "benchmarking" and for clarifying any cases that have not been optimal, and where smoltification and smolt status quickly become a discussion topic.

It is also positive that sampling can be performed using simple gill clipping and dispatch, without the need for major planning or advance preparations that are time-consuming from setting up sampling to analysis result.