PatoSafe Harvest Optimization

Systematic infection surveillance with early harvest of infected fish is a measure applied to reduce the losses from pancreatic disease (PD).

PatoSafe Harvest Optimization is a decision-support tool that uses cost analyses to provide a better basis for important decisions on harvesting. Harvest Optimization is currently only available for PD (SAV3).

In PatoSafe Harvest Optimization, a cost-benefit analysis specifically adapted for the production unit calculates the profitability of early harvest through the production cycle. Furthermore, a series of sensitivity analyses provide an overview of how changes in key production factors affect profitability.

In the analyses, the disease effects are based on data from a study published in 2015, which examined the negative effects of PD on production among fish farmers in Western Norway. These data will be continuously updated as more experience data become available.

Financial gain from harvesting the entire farm versus enduring a PD outbreak at different times in the production cycle. In this case, early harvest would be more profitable in more than 50% of the cases with an average fish weight greater than 3.2 kg. With an average fish weight greater than 3.6 kg, it would be more profitable in more than 95% of the cases.

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