Digital services

PatoGen's digital services consists of, among other things, reporting of analysis results, registration of samplings and decision support tools. Our digital services are unique tools in the everyday life of our customers, with great overview and a systematic approach, in addition to support in making important choices for a optimised production and better fish health and welfare.


Patolink is PatoGen's customer portal. Patolink is a unique tool for robust systematic work for better fish health. The analysis results are systematically organised and distributed in a simple and secure way. In addition, the portal has its own module for easy sampling registration and for ordering analyses. 

Some of the Patolink functions:

  • Historical access to all analysis results from 01.01.2011
  • Systematic data with flexible and visual displays
  • Map and calendar view
  • Online sampling registration and ordering of analyses

PatoGen Life

PatoGen Life is a digital platform for decision support tools aimed at production and health. The system facilitates secure data exchange, easy log on and browser usage. The prognosis tool for salmon sea lice is the first tool made available to customers, and there are also new decision support tools for important diseases like PD and CMS being developed.

The tool has several different functions and is continuously being developed with more.
  • 4–6 weeks sea lice prognosis at site and pen/fish group level
  • Prognosis both for adult female sea lice, motile and attached stages
  • Gives the user alerts when the risk is high of exceeding chosen sea lice limits
  • Possibility to simulate treatments and use of cleaner fish on pen levels with both pre-determined and customised treatment effects
  • Compare different treatment options to find the best solutions

The prognosis tool for salmon sea lice is based on a recognised population model developed by the Norwegian Computing Centre. The model learns from data and considers factors that influence the development of sea lice such as internal and external infection pressure, temperature, salinity, cleaner fish, treatments and biomass.

  • Good overview of the sea lice situation (pen/site/area)
  • Facilitates better planning and a more proactive effort
  • Ease the prioritisation on logistics and material
  • Fact-based support to chose the right treatment on the right pen
  • on the right site at the right time
  • Contributes to low sea lice levels with as few treatments as possible

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